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Storm Damage: Good Bye Old Friends

Guys and the down limbs

Here are a few photos from my dad’s house from today. He lost about fifty oaks in the big snowstorm that we had two weeks ago. It is really sad to see them all down on the ground.

trees down behind the house
These big trees just can’t handle that much snow all at once.

big oak down
This one would have smashed their house if it had fallen in a different direction. You can see their roof behind the tree…a little too close. Their neighbor did have their really beautiful old oak split into six pieces and it crashed through their bedroom roof. No one was hurt but it has left them devastated to lose their very old majestic oak tree.

new pine in the stump
Amid all this destruction, I found this pine sprouting in an older oak stump. Life really does cycle around and although it is sad to see the oaks down, it has cleaned out a lot of dead wood and eventually the woods will be more fire safe. For now, we have a huge clean-up job waiting for us.

Anyone need any oak firewood?

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7 thoughts on “Storm Damage: Good Bye Old Friends

  1. Oh… that is so sad. I’m glad no one was hurt, though! But, it is sad to see the trees die. But, God is good and new life will come -just like in your photo! 🙂

  2. Isn’t it just so ironic that nature illustrates so well for us how life really is. Something old falls apart or ends and new ideas or life starts in the process.

  3. Yes, it is so sad to see those big old trees go. But yes it is nature’s way of pruning. I felt that same way last year when a huge wind storm came through and we lost several large trees in the woods behind us.


  4. Barb, wanted to stop by as I just read a wonderful shout-out for you on SCM’s blog.

    We heat with wood only and this year it all came from last year’s ice storm. Diamonds from ashes.

    Peace and blessings multiplied!

  5. Thanks for all the nice comments today everyone. 🙂

    Thanks for popping over and letting me know…I love their blog so to have them praise what I do over here means an awful lot.


  6. I feel a physical pain when one of our old trees goes down. The life it lived! But it’s Mother’s way of getting rid of the old.

  7. Wonderful blog! I hope I can be as attentive to nature as you this winter.

    Please enter me into your e-book giveaway raffle!
    Peter Duran

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