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The Last of Our Snow: Oaks Falling Down

snow walk with Kona 12 09
We decided we should take our Kona dog out for a proper walk. She has not been out for her long walk in days. She was happy and we were feeling good too. The interesting thing about this walk was how many trees were down all along our regular walking trail. Many were actually across the trail and some were down in the meadows alongside it.

broken oak
Mostly oaks had fallen which makes me sad, but they are clearly not designed for such a great snow like we had this week. The live oaks especially fared badly in the snow because they don’t lose all their leaves in the fall.

oak leaves
The leaves were my favorite part of the walk. The snow was sprinkled with leaves of all colors and shapes and sizes.

When the oaks fall down, you get to glimpse at what is going on at the top without climbing. The various kinds of lichen were amazing. We really must learn some more about lichens this winter. I will add it to the list.

The rains are coming and that will be the end of the Really Big Snow for us. My youngest is the one who will miss it the most. He was sick most of the time we had our big piles of snow to play in and he really needs to get in some more snow time. Perhaps it will snow again in the months to come and then he will be able to build his big snow fort and have snowball fights with his dad and brothers. It seems that snow is the great equalizer…..all my men love to get out and play in the cold stuff no matter their age and dignity level.

Looking forward to our next snow….

3 thoughts on “The Last of Our Snow: Oaks Falling Down

  1. It really is heart breaking to see the downed trees. We live far enough south that we usually have more ice storms than snow storms, which inevitably means the loss of some trees. The lichen was beautiful! Thank you for sharing! Blessings!

  2. I have a couple of boys waiting for more snow, too!

    Your comment about being able to see what was at the top of the trees reminded me of the book “Wild Trees” by Richard Preston. In the book you meet the people who climb old growth trees (Redwoods, mostly) and learn about the ecosystem that exists in the tops. A separate world unto itself.

    I hope for your son’s sake, you get more snow. Here in the northeast it is almost guaranteed. Although, I joke that since I am getting snow tires put on the car tomorrow, I have ruined our chances of a snowy winter!


  3. Sarah,

    We just got chains for our new car. 🙂 That really makes it so we will not have any more big snow. 🙂

    We can drive about 45 minutes and have as much snow as we want and I like it that way. Up the mountain, drop the boys off at their snowboard/ski resort, and plant myself in the lodge with my laptop for the day…..yes.


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