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Summer Insect Nature Study

As the warm weather brings flowers you might find more insects flying around. It’s a great time to plan a summer insect nature study. There’s such a wealth of knowledge about insects in the Handbook of Nature Study by Anna Botsford Comstock. Using the lessons along with the Outdoor Hour Challenge will make you confident to tackle an insect nature study this summer. You won’t need to travel far to find an insect to learn about with your children!

Insect Nature study

Homeschool Nature Study: New Member Resources

Homeschool Nature Study Members can print a few new resources added to your dashboard to go along with your insect studies! Print: My Spider Journal, Bug Scavenger Hunt, and My Bee Journal – these are perfect for younger learners.

Insect Observation Tips

It’s fun to observe the 6 & 8 legged creatures, but can feel scary for children. When studying insects be careful ! A few helpful tips:

  • Wear garden gloves.
  • Do not touch stinging or biting insects.
  • Use a net or container to observe insects and be sure to release them.
  • Turn on a light at night and observe the bugs that stop by.
  • Never catch a butterfly in a jar – they can damage their wings.
  • Find fireflies in meadows, yards, edges of forests, and around streams.
  • Ladybugs like forests, gardens, and weed patches.
  • Bees dislike the smell of peppermint and eucalyptus.
  • Always bring a sketch pad and draw what you find!

More Bug Activities And Resources

We have shared the buzz of these great resources! Be sure to read these posts for more ideas!

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