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Summer Seasonal Study Reminders

Year Long Nature Study Summer Reminders
It’s time to mark your calendars for your summer nature study observations! Whether you are starting a fresh year-long nature study project or continuing with one from this spring, here is a list of ideas here on the Handbook of Nature Study to inspire you. Later this summer I will be sharing a brand new year-long nature study featuring willows so look for that in an upcoming week.

Summer Seasonal Observations

I know summer is a time for casual nature study but pick something to look for and then revisit that topic every season for a year and you will be surprised what you learn. This kind of nature study is valuable because it helps us slow down and note the changes that occur from season to season. It will also help you learn how to anticipate the turn of the season as you recognize the changes in the natural world around you.

Pick one and get started by clicking the link to the archived entry that will give you lots of ideas for completing your own year-long nature study.


If you have a continuing year-long nature study project, don’t forget to put it on your calendar or you may forget to make your summer observations.


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