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July 2021 Nature Study Plans – Outdoor Hour Challenge

July 2021 Nature Study Plans – Outdoor Hour Challenge

This is the month many of my readers have been waiting for! I know that it has been a long time coming, but we are going to finally be working through the series of Outdoor Hour Challenges for herbs!

Herb Nature Study ebook cover graphic

We have one last wildflower study and then we are off to use our senses to learn about some more familiar herbs grown in our gardens. I think you whole family will enjoy learning about the benefits and uses of the herbs. It is not too late to pick up some of the herbs at your garden nursery and grow a few in pots. You can create your own little herb “lab” for your nature study this summer.

7/2/2021 –Forget-Me-Nots Nature Study (last wildflower challenge)

7/9/2021 – Cilantro Nature Study

7/16/2021 – Basil Nature Study

7/23/2021 – Bee Balm Nature Study

7/30/21 – Oregano Nature Study

My Nature Walk senses notebook page

Butterflies of Summer Notebook Page

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Butterflies of Summer Notebook Page: What could go better with a study of garden herbs? I think making some butterfly observations would be a perfect complement to your herb study. 

My Nature Walk Notebook Page: Use your senses to create some summertime memories this month. Take a nature walk, perhaps in the early morning or the evening. Then create a notebook page for your nature journal using the new page in the Member’s Library.

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Members also have access to the Nature Planner pages in their library. Print out this month’s page and use it to stimulate your weekly nature study time.

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Growing Herbs

I finally got all my herbs planted in pots on my back deck. I decided to stick to the basics, ones that I use regularly in cooking during the summer. I knew I was limited in pot space and in watering ability because of the drought.

Those factors forced me to pick carefully and choose herbs I use all the time.


Here is my short list!

Renees Garden Cilantro

Cilantro- These are growing from seed I received from Renee’s Garden. They are looking great and I paired them up in a pot with the thyme and oregano. I know I will need to keep the other two herbs pinched back or they will take over the pot but that shouldn’t be a problem if I get into the habit of harvesting a bit of fresh herbs every few days.

Renees Garden Basil

Basil – The basil is also from seeds that came from Renee’s Garden. I am anxious for my first harvest of basil later in the summer! I picked a variety that is meant for containers…perfect!

Thyme and Oregano

Lemon Thyme and Oregano – These two herbs I cheated and purchased them from Home Depot. I just wanted to have a little green spot in my containers and was too impatient to wait for seeds to grow this time.


Chives – I have some garlic chives in my regular garden that have survived the drought. But, I wanted to try growing some regular chives up on the deck to see how well they grow. I planted seeds and they just started to sprout and grow….too small for a good photo, maybe in the next garden update I will be able to show their progress.

So that is it! Nothing too fancy or unique for our container garden up on the deck. Simple is sometimes better. With the third year of drought and heavy watering restrictions here in my county I am needing to look at our garden in a whole different way. Now that all my children are living outside the home, the demand for fresh veggies has declined to where I may be able to get by with the zucchini, cherry tomatoes, and little peppers that I have growing in pots. 2015 is the year of a new start in gardening and I am always up for a challenge.

How is your garden growing? Did you plant any herbs?


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