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Ten Images I Should Have Posted On The Blog

I post lots of photos on this blog of our adventures, gardening, and nature study. You can only imagine how many images I don’t share….perhaps thousands (30-40 a week adds up especially when you add in longer trips). I decided to share ten of those images that didn’t make the blog for your viewing enjoyment.

Yellowstone Color

#1 This was from an amazing day at Yellowstone…totally unplanned and we were on half-speed since both my boys were really sick with some sort of sinus cold. We had planned a glorious day of hiking at Teton National Park, but since they were sick we altered plans and opted to drive the short distance up to Yellowstone and take a leisurely day and let things happen. Sometimes you just need to be flexible and this was one of those times. It was a great day with some great images… this was the same day we saw the grizzly bear and cubs driving back from Yellowstone to Jackson.
Roosevelt Elk
#2 Roosevelt Elk in Northern California are such majestic animals…very powerful. This photo reminds me of a great camping trip full of boy stuff, including lighthouses, long deserted beaches, crazy long hikes in the redwoods, and roasting monster size marshmallows over the campfire.
Hiking with Boys
#3 The real story of hiking with boys is shown in this photo. How do they always find something to climb on, over, or through? This gate leads to a fantastic little spot that we discovered this year and have been back in just about every season, including January with about four feet of snow.
Yellowstone Wildflowers
#4 There is not nearly enough time and space to share all my wildflower photos with you on this blog. These are along the roadside inside Yellowstone National Park. Honestly, if I didn’t always have boys waiting for me I could get stuck on just taking photos of flowers.

Prepare yourself for a different sort of image….

Dead Salmon Head - Fall 2011
#5 Yep, this is one of my boys’ favorite images of all 2011. They spent quite some time posing this salmon head for a photo. Mr. A had his camera phone out and was snapping away before I even took any images. Gross but sort of cool when you examine it….I think it looks like a fossil. Later they found a really funny looking dead fish but I will spare you the images.
Mallard Duck - Tahoe
#6 You must click over to Flickr and look at this one really big…the texture of the feathers is awesome. Do you think I will ever learn to identify more kinds of ducks. Mallards are the only ones I can name for sure…something to work on in 2012.

Brussel Sprouts at the Farmers Market

#7 I planned on writing a post that included this image and sharing how much I HATE brussel sprouts although they are really quite interesting to look at. Who likes brussel sprouts anyway?
Love this Combo of Trees and Flowers
#8 This is a combo I am thinking about for my yard. Isn’t it pretty? Love the white of the birch and the yellow of the yarrow together.
Mourning Dove on the Utility Wire
#9 My daily friend who visits our feeder. There is a pair that sits on the utility wire across from our house and they make the most amazing sound when they fly….mourning doves are a great bird.
Barb Birdwatching
#10 This is what my family sees me doing a lot….gazing out the window at a variety of things, mostly birds.
If you would like to see my Flickr set with my favorite images from the blog from 2011…here you go:

17 thoughts on “Ten Images I Should Have Posted On The Blog

  1. Wonderful photos! Even the fish head….boys. lol. I think 2011 has been a great year with nature. I look forward to 2012 and more nature time! Thank you for all you do.

  2. Believe it or not my daughter loves Brussels sprouts. She will often choose them as a special treat when we are buying fruit and vegetables. Strange but true:-)

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos, Barb. The one of the mallard was spectacular.

  4. That was a REALLY nice share. Love all the photos! And good to see that everyone’s kids are crazy on these excursions that always look so “professional” when we place them on a blog post *lol*

  5. What a nice surprise of a Christmas present to your followers! Thank you. These all were so beautiful. I am glad to see that your boys are just like my boys. BTW…I can make a heavenly brussel sprout soup that even you would love. It is the texture that gets most people. I have converted more than one person with my soup.

  6. Phyllis—It is the smell of the brussel sprouts….can’t even think about it. I love so many other veggies that I just pass on the brussel sprouts. 🙂

  7. lol, this is a post I put on my blog last year… “I don’t know WHY people were looking at me funny. Just because my five-year-old was standing in the frozen food isle, jumping up and down and yelling,”Yipee! I LOVE brussels sprouts!”

  8. Honestly, my husband and I decided when we were dating that we were meant for each other since we both have a huge dislike of brussel sprouts and lima beans.
    Ahh…the ties that bind. 🙂

  9. i like brussel sprouts! and your images are fabulous. it’s been years since i’ve been to yellowstone. it’s wonderful to see pics from there. thanks for sharing!

  10. I love that first picture. The colors.

    I wouldn’t go out of my way to get brussel sprouts, but they are okay. The rest of the family hates them. Lima beans – yuck!

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures.


  11. Great photos! The duck does look so beautiful and clear.

    I love brussels sprouts. In fact, when I have a garden in a year or two I plan on growing them! I am a real veggie lover, though…all except for asparagus. 🙂

  12. Amazing Photos. Love them all! We took 280 some photos of our one day trip to Coos Bay. . . oh the agony of sorting 4-5 to share. . . . Yep I understand what that translates to all year!

  13. All lovely! I’m glad you obeyed the prompting to post these.

    I got my father a book of photos of Yellowstone in winter. It’s called ‘Silence and Solitude,’ and it’s breathtaking. Your first photo reminds me of it — amazing. What a blessing to be close to such a place.

  14. Wonderful post! And the fish head is awesome. Your first imagine has inspired me to go to Yellowstone. We don’t live that far away, but it’s never been on my list before. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Well my favorite is the photo of you looking out your window 🙂 And all the others are beautiful and fun. I agree mourning doves are a wonderful bird – we’ve had a gathering of them lately in our backyard. Love, love this post.

  16. Great photo’s Barb! Number 1 was my favorite! I just love the swirling colors. I totally related to the last photo as well – its what my family see me doing allot too ;o)
    Believe it or not my youngest daughter (11) LOVES Brussels sprouts! I introduced them to her about two weeks ago and she’s hooked!
    Looking forward to walking through 2012 with you and the nature hour challenge!

  17. Just wanted to say I really enjoyed these!

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