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Wetland Day-Great Egrets

I know that large parts of the United States are under frozen temps and lots of ice so I almost feel guilty posting my photos from our hike yesterday. It was very sunny but the wind was brisk and we took advantage of the afternoon to look into a wetland that is about an hour from our home. This wildlife area is home to lots of migratory birds and is on the Pacific Flyway.

There were many kinds of ducks and geese but some other more exciting birds as well. We watched a pair of hawks soaring and diving for a long time and then we came across this beauty of a bird….a Great Egret.

We observed many Great Egrets. This particular bird was posing for the longest time for us and we got a very good look at his beautiful fluffy feathers. (Go ahead, click the photo to get a better look.)

I tried to get a photo of one in flight and this was the best I could do, if you click the photo you will see it much better. They dangle their feet out behind them as they fly and their wings have a wingspan of about 50 inches.

We also enjoyed the wildflowers that were in bloom…..mostly mustard and this white flower that I am not sure about.

My son spotted these huge mushrooms along the road.

It was nice to get out into the sunshine and explore a new area. We were on the lookout for signs of mammals but we didn’t see any this time.

4 thoughts on “Wetland Day-Great Egrets

  1. I am SO jealous! So so jealous…
    But I am also glad Amie and found the Great Meadows, just a couple of miles from here. It’s a huge reserve for migrating bird. And as soon as they arrive, we’ll be there too.
    Thank you for giving us a glimpse!

  2. Hi,
    I’ve just found this blog and I’m loving it (still browsing through it). We live in Portugal and one of our hobbies is going out to the field with our two daughters (4 and 7) that we’re homeschooling. I think we’ll be participating in some of your activities soon (I still have to read about them and get to know how to do it).
    Here we’re still in the peak of winter, so it’s curious to look at these springy images…
    I don’t know about the white flowers, but they look very similar to some Genista and Retama species we have here in southern Europe (both of the Leguminosae family)

  3. Katrien,
    We are still hoping for snow in our neighborhood…can we exchange for a day or two?

    Welcome to the Outdoor Hour Challenges….I really look forward to getting to see your nature study in Portugal! We are still in winter too but in California we can drive an hour or so and be in a totally different habitat. It is nice to take a break from the cold winter temps we are having and drive to warm, sunny flatlands.

    Barb-Harmony Art Mom

  4. WOW grass! LOL We still have 2 1/2 feet of snow!

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