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Winter Birds – So Lovely

My oldest let me play with his camera yesterday and I took a few bird photos out the window.

Birds make me happy.

Watching birds makes me happy.

Taking photos of birds makes me happy.

Junco in the tree.

Spotted Towhee in the feeder.

My favorite of the day…
A titmouse right outside the bedroom window.

See me being happy?

8 thoughts on “Winter Birds – So Lovely

  1. My sentiments exactly..birds are such a blessing!!

  2. It makes me happy, too. And I haven’t fed my birds in months so haven’t had much to look at!!! I will feed them TODAY so I can find some more joy in my days. Thanks for posting your photos. Glad you are having fun! 🙂

  3. Oh your place looks sooo beautiful! The snow makes it look so Christmassy and I LOVE those icicles! Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. I love to look at your birds as you have western birds. We have a hawk that visits our feeders and he likes to eat squirrels and sparrows, of course, it could be two different hawks. We have actually watch him catch a sparrow and a dove.

  5. Christy,

    My brother works at Home Depot and he was telling us that the other day a hawk swooped down in the parking lot and nabbed a pigeon! He couldn’t believe that he actually saw it happen.

    We have red tailed hawks over our house frequently, soaring and screeching.

    We have only seen one other kind of hawk land in our yard and we never did figure out exactly what kind it was and why it was perched on our wall.

    I really love to watch hawks fly.


  6. So awesome. Thank you. I have liked in OK for the last 12 years & we just don’t have those pretty snows here. (I came from MI) I miss the beauty of the snow. I absolutley love the pic’s. You always take great shots. Thank you for offering such an awesome website. I hope to be able to get some of your books in the future.
    Hugs from OK

  7. The bird pictures are fabulous! I just got a bird feeder for my birthday and already we have juncos and spotted towhees visiting. But, I can’t get a good picture to save my life! How did you do it?

  8. Sydni,

    Here a few tips:
    Don’t use a flash.
    Take your photo out the window that has no screen.
    Take lots of photos.
    I usually use a large file size on my camera to take the photo so I can crop it in close on the computer without distorting it too much.
    Just being in the right place at the right time.

    I am usually frustrated trying to take good bird photos as well. I do not use a very professional kind of camera so you don’t take many good ones.


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