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The World of Winter Homeschool Nature Study

It’s our Winter Wednesday challenge once again and time to bring the world of winter into your homeschool nature study.

Winter Wednesday - The World of Winter Homeschool Nature Study

Winter Wednesday – Week 1 The World of Winter in your Homeschool Nature Study

1. Read chapter one Discover Nature in Winter. While you are reading you can highlight any portions that you would like to share with your children. I also like to write in the margins any topics and ideas that come to me as I read.

2. Our family is going to complete the winter color activity on page 14 and illustrated on page 17. Please feel free to complete any of the suggested activities in chapter one of the book and then share your experiences in a blog entry.

If you do not have the book and you would like to follow along with the activity, here are some basic instructions.

Finding The Colors Of Winter In Your Nature Study

The bareness of the trees and the appearance of a white snowy landscape help to sharpen the other colors of winter. Find a few minutes this week to notice the colors you can observe in your own backyard, even if it is from your window.

Some Ideas to Get You Started In Your Homeschool Study This Winter:

  • Red berries on a holly bush
  • Greens and yellows of lichen
  • Bright blue of a blue jay or the sharp reds of the cardinal
  • Yellows and oranges of the sunrise or sunset
  • Blue sky and white clouds

Keep track of the colors you observe this week in your nature journal.

Winter Wedneday Curriculum

Ready to get started? Grab your FREE Getting Started in Homeschool Nature Study Guide with 10 free Outdoor Hour Challenges.

23 thoughts on “The World of Winter Homeschool Nature Study

  1. I have ordered the book, but it hasn’t arrived yet — I look forward to getting it, though!

  2. I’m waiting for my book too, and looking forward to doing Winter Wednesdays.

    CJ x

  3. My entry isn’t maybe exactly what you were looking for, but hope you enjoy nonetheless!

  4. Hi 🙂 We’re looking forward to joining you for you winter wedensdays. Our book hasn’t come yet but I found the first chapter is available on google books so that will get us started for this week 🙂 I’ll be back to sign mr. linky soon.

  5. Hello! I’ve been wanting to join in on one of your ‘adventures’ for some time now, Winter Weds sounds like a great start!

    Thanks for doing this! My book has been ordered, and I’ve already read part of the first chapter, thanks to Rosina.

    Bless you!!

  6. Hi!
    I found your blog through Sarah over at Handmade Homeschool. I love the idea of it. I’m a big fan of nature walks, but Science isn’t my thing, so I think you’ll be helpful!
    We did a portion of your assignment here – just the color hunt part, but we had lots of fun and got some neat photos.

  7. Good morning 🙂 You are very welcome for the link to the 1st chapter. I was so disappointed that I didn’t have the book to get started I just had to find it online *grin* Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  8. We had fun in winter wonderland and the wind goblins cooperated by staying hidden in the trees today! Cheers!

  9. I looked into borrowing this book from our library before purchasing it and discovered the entire book is available online–as an e-book–through NetLibrary.

    I was able to get a free account set up as our city’s library system subscribes to this service.

    Barb, this looks like a wonderful (and now frugal for us) way to keep nature study and science going this winter. Thank you! We’ll be participating but I won’t be linking anything as I decided late last year to give up blogging.

  10. We have ordered the book and done the challenge for colors of winter.Check out our pics.
    Thanks Barb for gertting us out of hibernation!

  11. Yeah we just ordered the book and had a wonderful winter wander in the woods finding plenty of color to post on our blog soon!!I am looking forward to our wednesdays!!

  12. Still need to order…but we did go for a color walk today!

  13. I’ve ordered the book too. This week was fun! Thanks.

  14. I just got my book yesterday (1/14)so we are a week behind but plan on catching up this week. It was great to get outside and notice that winter does contain more than just gray days. Thanks for offering this program.

  15. I linked to my blog here. I haven’t figured out everything yet but thought I would share anyway.

  16. Hi! I decided to do the color in winter one b/c we have no snow here right now in Colorado — nice 60 degree weather!!

    Thanks for doing this!

  17. My first post in this series is up! I am really enjoying these! *Ü*

  18. Great Challenges! My kids love nature and this helps me to follow their interests. The free bird guide is a bonus that I am sure we will use often.

  19. We enjoyed our color walk today. I can’t decide if I should buy the Discover Nature in Winter on Google books or not.

  20. Karen,

    If you can get it at a reasonable price, I would highly recommend it. But…don’t pay too much because I have tried to write the challenges in such a way that you won’t need it.

    Hope that helps.

  21. we’ve really been enjoying our discover nature in winter book. it’s worth it, if you can find it for a good price. it has wonderful information and fun activities that are simple, yet interesting to do. our observations and activities haven’t always been done on a wednesday . . we squeeze it in here and there . . but here is “winter color” and “snow observations” for you to enjoy.

  22. Glad to have this winter focus to our nature studies, and the weekly activities look just great for my 6 and 3 year old. Thank you!

  23. We had a great time on our color walk! We are looking forward to the rest!

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