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Wyoming Road Trip Video – My Son’s Creation

Want to see a teenage view of the trip?

Here is Mr. A’s video: Yellowstone Trip

I told him he should make videos as a business since he is getting quite good at it. I think I watched this one about five times and I’m not tired of it yet. Something about having the photos and videos all linked together make it interesting.

Anyway, check it out….this one is only around two minutes long.

5 thoughts on “Wyoming Road Trip Video – My Son’s Creation

  1. Thanks so much for sharing! That was so beautiful!

  2. Looks like a fantastic trip. Good job on the video. I like the music.


  3. Abolutely beautiful…. can you imagine… Heaven is going to be more beautiful than that? Your son is very talented.

  4. Loved it (although the music was a bit.. teenage — smile).
    That waterfall at the end got to me. I moved away from the monitor so I wouldn’t fall over! 🙂
    Your photos on the earlier post are truly amazing. Thanks for the reminders of our wonderful trip last summer.

  5. Beautiful scenery and a remarkable video of it all!

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