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2011 Winter Series OHC #10 Early Spring Flowers

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Winter Series #10 Early Spring Flowers

Hardly seems possible that we will be finished with all our winter nature study after this week! I think completing the challenges makes the time go by faster for some reason. This has certainly been a memorable winter season as far as the weather for most of us and I think we did a great job taking advantage of the opportunities that came our way.

My favorite posts are the ones that share the unexpected joy of winter nature study. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful experiences with the Outdoor Hour Challenge.

If you missed last week’s list of spring challenges, here is a LINK.

If you are ready to read some more about the spring series of challenges, I completed a Squidoo page where they are all organized with additional links and ideas.

Thank you to all the Winter Series and Winter Wednesday participants. We enjoyed reading all your entries and sharing your nature study.

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14 thoughts on “2011 Winter Series OHC #10 Early Spring Flowers

  1. I can’t wait to see early Spring flowers and get started on the Spring challenges. Unfortunately it’s going to be a while before we see flowers with 3 feet of snow still covering everything! LOL


  2. Jessy,

    Nothing says you can’t “cheat” and go buy a pot of tulips or paperwhites from your Home Depot or Walmart. 🙂

    It might just be what you need to get your spring started.

  3. Quick photos from our walk today in town! Thought I’d encourage the East Coast families that it IS spring somewhere!

  4. This is going to be fun. Last year we studied the parts of a daffodil. I think this year we will dig up a bulb and study that. We have neighbors who have an entire hillside of daffodils. It’s complete and utter beauty I tell you. My children picked some yesterday from our garden and brought them in. I had to sit them near my computer and as I type, I can smell the blessed fragrance they give.

    It is hard to believe that this will be the last winter study. It has been fun and I’m so thankful for your blog to remind us of all the fun and learning to behold amoungst God’s beautiful creation:)

    Have a happy weekend!

  5. My link isn’t about spring flowers. We’re doing ours in two weeks when hopefully our bulbs are up. No bulbs up around here yet…. but….. it’s an outdoor challenge so…. I put up the link.

  6. No flowers in our garden yet, but plenty in the grocery store!

  7. Sorry if this question has been answered but I was trying to figure out… Do the ebooks completely change each year?
    I ask this because right after I purchased the winter ebook it looked like a new ebook came out but I wasn’t sure if things in the ebook changed or not.

    I’m wondering because living in the south we are showing signs of spring and I wanted to purchase your Spring Ebook but wasn’t sure if I should do it now or wait in case you release a new book?
    I would like to try to follow along with the Friday Challenges this year.

    Your Autumn and Winter ebooks were wonderful! Thank you for such a wonderful job!

  8. Hi April,

    I am not writing a new book this year but I am going to be using some of the challenges from last year starting this Friday. Here in this post you will find a schedule:

    So if you purchase the Spring Ebook you will have all the challenges and the notebook pages to use as we work our way through the spring.

  9. A fun, fun outdoor hour challenge Barb!

  10. The iris and tulip bloomed just for our study 🙂

  11. Getting ready for Spring Study tomorrow! Our CD came today:)

  12. We had a lot of fun with the Early Spring Flower Nature Study!! We’re having some beautiful weather here right now! Makes you really want to be outside!

    I told a couple of local homeschool groups about you and your nature study challenges, Barb. We’ve been having such a great time with the nature studies, I wanted to let others know about them too!

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