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Evening Walk – No Mosquitoes

We set out to look for and observe some mosquitoes (as part of the OHC Mosquito nature study) a couple of evenings this week with no luck. I know…sad to NOT observe any mosquitoes which is a weird thing to say. We even sat by the little slow moving stream where we thought for sure we would find some mosquitoes but there wasn’t a single mosquito to be seen.

Instead, we decided to look at all of the interesting things we could find along the trail and here are a few of our images.

Deer at sunset

The deer are all coming in close to town because of the drought. This one was peacefully grazing along the trail in a meadow.

Queen annes lace june 2014 (3)

The Queen Anne’s Lace is blooming all over the place…not very tall this year but lots of flowers to enjoy.

Queen annes lace june 2014 (2

There are Sweet peas blossoming as well…seen slightly in the background of this image.

Queen annes lace june 2014 (1)

Here is a side view of the Queen Anne’s Lace…so very interesting!

toyan berry (3)

The Toyan berry is blossoming right now…this will be covered in red berries come the late fall.

manzanita (2)

The Manzanita is developing berries…I love the way they look.

Pond water with Fish @handbookofnaturestudy

I have the privilege of taking care of two little boys this summer…a little each week. We are going to be doing some of the Outdoor Hour Challenges together since they are avid outdoor kids and love anything that creeps, hops, and slithers. I took over some pond water for them and along with the water I also got four little fish in the jar. These boys spent some time finding a little aquarium, cleaning it up and watching the fish. I was not successful in capturing some mosquito larvae like I had hoped but the boys still had a blast with the little fish. It is going to be a fun nature study summer with them.

We have been spending lots of time outdoors in the evenings so maybe we will eventually see some mosquitoes.



4 thoughts on “Evening Walk – No Mosquitoes

  1. What!? No mosquitoes? We must have them all. We cannot go outside without every inch of our body covered! They swarm you and bite right through your clothes! It’s awful!!

    1. We are in the middle of a drought so that may explain why we have had no bugs so far this summer. No fun for you!

  2. Maybe its the drought you are having? We can’t even walk in the woods right now because they are so bad…we biked through on the weekend on a trail (with biking we are fast enough so the bugs don’t get us) and I stopped to take some wildflower photos and all I heard was a “whine” that got louder and suddenly I was surrounded! I had to take the photos fast to get out of there. We always have a ton of mosquitoes but this year is really bad since its been rainy about every other day or every two days.

    1. Definitely has something to do with the drought. So sorry you are suffering with so many mosquitoes!

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