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Great Backyard Bird Count 2016 Results

 Flowering Quince

Here are my Great Backyard Bird Count results for 2016.

Anna’s Hummingbird – 2

Spotted Towhee – 2

California Towhee – 1

Scrub Jay – 1

House Finch – 1

Titmouse – 1

Mourning Dove – 1

White-crowned Sparrow – 2

Dark eyed Juncos – 2

American Robins – 14

Cedar Waxwings – 30

Northern flicker – 1


12 different birds with a total count of 58 birds! This year I only managed to count birds one of the mornings during the count period. This made a big difference in the results. Although, we had more birds this year than in the last 2 years, it is only because we had such a high count for the cedar waxwings. The morning I counted they just happened to be in my tree eating and roosting.

Hope you had a chance to count birds this year! Leave me a comment if you created an entry for your results and I will pop over and take a look.

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