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Outdoor Hour Challenge #5 Keeping a List

Outdoor Hour Challenge #5
Making a List

1. Have you decided on a focus area yet?
If you have a focus already, turn to the table of contents in the Handbook of Nature Study and skim down to your area of focus. Look down the list of subjects covered in your area. Highlight or underline those items listed that you think you will encounter during the next five to seven weeks. For example if your area of focus is garden flowers, skim down the list and see if you recognize any flower names that you have in your backyard or area. I actually see ten flowers that our family may come in contact with in our region. Pick one item in your focus area to study, turn to those pages, and read to your child about that subject. At the end of each section, there are observation ideas for each subject and these observation suggestions will be the parent’s reading assignment this week.(see below) As you find things in your focus area, keep a running list in the front or back of your nature journal of those items.

Reading Assignment for parents: Read the observation suggestions in the Handbook of Nature Study for the item you chose to read about with your child. Keep these ideas in mind as you have your outdoor time this week. For example, if you are focusing on garden flowers and you are going to read to your child about tulips, turn to the end of the section on tulips and read Lesson 151 which includes eight suggestions for observation. Keep these ideas in mind as you head out for your nature walk.

2. During your 10-15 minute walk, use your senses to not only observe but to hear the sounds of your surroundings.

“ …the mother must not miss this opportunity of being outdoors to train the children to have seeing eyes, hearing ears and seeds of truth deposited into their minds to grow and blossom on their own in the secret chambers of their imaginations”
“No reading aloud or storytelling–in fact, there should be as little talking from her (mother) as possible, and what little there is should have a definite purpose.” Charlotte Mason volume one, page 45

3. Follow up with a discussion. Did you see anything new to add to your list of focus items? Did you complete any of the suggested observations? Do you need to do any further research to answer questions?

4. Give an opportunity for a nature journal entry.
Try to encourage a simple drawing, a label, and a date. Pull out the previous challenges and review the alternatives for younger children.

The main idea of this challenge is to start a list of things you find within your focus area. You can use paper clips to fasten a list into the front of your nature journal. The list can be removed when you change your focus and it can be taped or glued into your nature journal on any page you choose.

bird list in nature journal
The list can be simply the names of the items or you can add the dates you observed them and the location if you want to be more thorough. Sometimes my whole nature journal entry is just a list of things that I see on a particular outing.
nature journal lists
The beauty of a nature journal is that it is yours to do with as you want to. I hope to give you a lot of ideas that you can choose from over the coming challenges.

Getting Started Outdoor Hour Challenge ebook

This challenge is found in the Getting Started ebook which is included in every level of membership. The ebook provides the challenge as shown above as well as custom notebook pages for your follow up nature journal if desired.

12 thoughts on “Outdoor Hour Challenge #5 Keeping a List

  1. Wow, awesome pictures in the slideshow!! Love them.

  2. We’ve just completed this challenge. It’s so good to have a small goal when we head out. No Nature Journal entries on it yet, but I think My Girl will add something later today.
    Thanks for your comments on our challenge #4 post. I’d LOVE to come see your garden and its host of insect inhabitants!
    I’m adding us to Mr. Linky, too, although it’s words only, no photos this time.

  3. We had a great walk and enjoyed Challenge #5. Thanks for the encouragement and ideas, Barb!
    Donna T.

  4. Thanks for providing some input, Barb. Ours might not be a “traditional” nature study list, but I think it will work quite well for us. Looking forward to more challenges soon!

  5. I had hoped to be farther along in our Challenges but I am glad that we are still going ahead. Thanks for your encouragement!
    Charlotte in Brasil

  6. We had a fun adventure! I enjoy having a focus area for my boys. Thank you for the fabulous ideas and encouragement! Blessings to you and your family 🙂

  7. I am really enjoying our nature outings. My girls are too. This week my husband even had a chance to come along. Thanks again for all your hard work and encouraging families to enjoy God’s beautiful creation!

  8. Our outdoor time this week was really enhanced by our focus area, having a focus has really opened our eyes and testing our skills of observation. Nature study has never become boring to us yet. 🙂

  9. It’s great to be back on track with the outdoor hour challenges again. I’m hoping there’ll be enough to do once the winter hits, but at the moment we’re enjoying lovely warm sunny days.

  10. I feel kind of like we are jumping around with our Nature Study. We are doing mammals as our study focus, but have been seeing only birds on our walks. However, it is still fun and we are much more consistent than before in observing and journaling.

  11. I try to keep up with my son’s interests. His focus needs more focus.

  12. even though we didn’t get to do what i planned this week, i really appreciate the work you do to help me plan it out. if anything, i learn a lot during nature study. and the kiddo gets to stretch her legs outside : )

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