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Insects in August – Looking for Crickets

Insects in August- Looking for Crickets (our cricket study)

We have spent lots of time outdoors in the evenings this summer because it is too hot to be out much during the day. We usually start our evening off with dinner on the back deck and then sit later in the evening as the sun sets. We are still experiencing lots of finches flocking to our tree just at dusk…accompanied by lots of singing and chirping.

We also notice the hummingbirds at the feeders as the sun descends lower and lower on the horizon.

The bats come as well and several times I have felt them whisk past my ears while I am on the deck, startling me but they never actually touch me so I am okay with that.

Great Basin grasshopper

We have been on the lookout for insects at all times of the day. We noticed grasshoppers in Utah and Nevada on our trip a few weeks ago.

Swallowtail butterfly

I was able to capture some butterflies at my dad’s house that were in among his flowers. This butterfly had a lot of his wings broken off…didn’t seem to stop him from flying skillfully from flower to flower.


Milkweed beetle Utah

My favorite insect of the month so far is this Milkweed beetle that we saw in Utah. Amazing colors and design!

bee lavender butterfly (3)

Here is an interesting bee we saw in our front yard on the lavender.

Listen Here=Capturing Cricket sounds in the Evening -Our video/audio

And then there were crickets in our yard. When I took a video (so I could capture the audio), I realized that there are two distinct sounds. One is definitely a cricket but the other is a buzzing sound. I am thinking it is a cicada of some sort and have done some research on cicadas found in California. There are some so I am now on the hunt to actually see one.

Just remembered that we saw cave crickets when we were at Great Basin National Park in the Lehman Caves, which are pale and have really long antennae. I was so focused on the cave and its awesome formations that I forgot to really pay attention to the crickets or take a photo.

I love it when we take one topic and focus on it for a month….I highly recommend it for more in-depth study of anything topic your children are interested in learning more about.

Here is a pdf for you to use with your children: Buggy Sounds of Summer.

3 thoughts on “Insects in August – Looking for Crickets

  1. You saw quite a variety of insects and butterflies! Many of the insects I’ve never seen before. Interesting how there are so many varieties of insects and butterflies depending on where you live in the country.

    1. We just don’t take the time to really get to know insects…when we slow down and take note it is amazing to see what has been there all the time. I always love seeing your part of the world too! Thanks Ann.

  2. The night insect heard along with crickets that sounds like abrupt sandpaper through a megaphone is the katydid. 🙂 Love the night sounds. I came here looking for advice about whether early crickets…we are infested (love them!) and it is only early August…mean an early fall. I have also noticed this summer that the flowering trees and shrubs, mimosa, crepe myrtle and rose of sharon, are blooming about a month ahead of schedule. I’ve seen golden rod out now for several weeks. (Last year first spotting was August 24.)

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