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More Links: Firefly Watch and Mosquitoes

Tricia shared a link that relates to the Summer Series of Outdoor Hour Challenges. Thanks Tricia!

Firefly Watch

Here is another opportunity to participate in a nature study related science project. Easy and fun…too bad we don’t have fireflies here to observe. 🙁

Lisa shared this link to some macro photos of mosquitoes being hatched:
Mosquitoes Emerging


Enjoy the links.

4 thoughts on “More Links: Firefly Watch and Mosquitoes

  1. Hello,
    I have awarded you the Blog of Substance award. You can find it here at

    Thank you for these wonderful resources you have shared here!

  2. I love your blog but I have to say I draw the line at mosquitoes. We don’t go outside in the evenings because they might carry us off. Honestly, I’m typing this while swatting them out of my bedroom. They torture my sleeping children at night. I love nature studies, but I just don’t get the need for mosquitoes! LOL!

    Any insight?

  3. I’m setting up my lessons for school next year and realized that my youngest would absolutely love to work through the challenges from the beginning. Then I realized that I already had them saved on my computer, from way back when they had a different name.
    Thanks for sticking with this project. It has been a huge blessing.

  4. Amanda,

    Do the challenge! You might glean some helpful tips.


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