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More November World Photos-Ice!

11 24 10 Walking Trail Late Afternoon

Another November world sort of post from my world to yours….it is cold, really cold but no snow as they predicted which makes me very thankful. I am not ready yet for the winter to hit as hard as they thought it was going to this past week.

11 24 10 Walking Trail Late Afternoon Trees
It was 43 degrees when we left the car for our walk on the trail. It was late afternoon and the light was so pretty in the remaining colorful leaves.

11 24 10 Icy Leaves
The mornings are still very cold and the leaves all have pretty patterns of ice to observe if you look up close.

11 24 10 Frozen Leaf
How about this one from our deck railing? Amazingly beautiful don’t you think?

11 24 10 Frozen Leaf with ice
Another one that caught my eye…..lovely, just lovely.

As November comes to a close, so will my November World posts but then again, it will a December World.

5 thoughts on “More November World Photos-Ice!

  1. Beautiful pictures! I too am also not quite ready for the snow! But I know it will come.

  2. Just gorgeous … how you captured the ice.

  3. Beautiful! Love the Red Leaves and Frost Crystals!

  4. Wow – your pictures are so pretty. I need to catch a few of those around here. I’ve been off school for 2 weeks – I need to do another OHC.

  5. Waw, thea last picture is wonderful!!

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