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Nature Journal Topper – Summer Grid

Summer Grid Journal @handbookofnaturestudy

I am getting started on my Summer Grid nature journal from the June 2014 newsletter. Included in the newsletter this month are several printables that you can use with your family to create fun and interesting nature journals without a lot of fuss.

The Summer Fun Grid can be cut and then adhered in the journal as a tickler for June nature related activities. I like to keep a record of the journal items all on one page.

You will also find the Nature Journal Toppers to use with reluctant journalers…simple to cut, adhere to the page, and then complete the desired activity to journal about. See an example in this entry: Spring Cattails.

Tulip Poplar

Here is a blossom from my Tulip poplar tree…the one I am going to visit each week as part of my grid study. There were bees buzzing around today and I also found some aphids on the back of one of the leaves.

Tulip Poplar leaf with aphids

It just took slowing down to note something pretty incredible!

I hope you find time to try some of the grid ideas and to use the Nature Journal Toppers this month.

If you do not have the newsletter and you are not already a subscriber, you can enter your name in the box at the top right of the Handbook of Nature Study website. You will receive an email you need to confirm and then an email will be sent with the newsletter link.


1 thought on “Nature Journal Topper – Summer Grid

  1. This looks like a neat idea. Its so true that slowing down we notice things all around us. We just did our dandelion study today. We have had them for a few weeks but hadn’t got to it yet (I think you had posted the challenge a while back, but we still had snow so I decided to file it for later). I never noticed that the dandelions open and close. We found them in all sorts of stages and that was very neat (from bud to seed and all stages in between). I had never taken the time to notice them as closely as we did today. We had a great time doing a nature journal for the dandelions! Thanks!

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