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OHC More Nature Study Book 2 – Quartz Study

Quartz samples

 “Quartz is the least destructible and is one of the most abundant materials in the crust of the earth as we know it. It is made up of two elements chemically united—the solid silicon and the gas oxygen.” Handbook of Nature Study  

More Nature Study Book #2
Rock Study – Quartz Crystals
Inside Preparation Work: 

  1. Read pages 754-755 in the Handbook of Nature Study (Lesson 213). This short lesson is packed with information and the lesson suggestions will give you some careful observation ideas.
  2. If you can locate some quartz samples to have on hand, do some close up observations of quartz. Even little ones can describe with words their quartz sample. Compare quartz with some other rocks in your collection.
  3. If you do not have samples, make sure to view the images of quartz with the additional links provided below.

Outdoor Hour Time:

  1. If the weather allows, take your outdoor time in a place that has rocks to pick up and handle. Be on the lookout for quartz crystals. Do not be discouraged if you can’t find quartz in your neighborhood but take the opportunity to observe and describe any rocks you see.
  2. Collect a few rocks to bring home and either start or add to your rock collection.

Rock observation 
Follow-Up Activity:

  1. After your Outdoor Hour time, take a few minutes to follow-up your outdoor time. Bring out your quartz samples and compare them to other rocks you may have collected. Set up a rock observation spot on your nature table. See the image above for ideas.
  2. Give time for a nature journal entry or ebook users can complete the quartz notebooking page and/or the coloring page to follow up this study.
  3. Advanced study: Research more about quartz on Use a printable Mineral Chart for additional information and identification. Learn the identifying marks of quartz. Record your information in your nature journal or a notebook page.

Additional Links: 

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  1. I really enjoy reading your blog and all your wonderful nature study posts, and have awarded you The Versatile Blogger Award. You can stop on by my blog to check it out. 🙂

  2. Can’t wait to do this one with my kids – rocks were my obsession at about ages 5-15!

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