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Our Early Spring Flowers: Winter Series #10

spring flowers march 10

Today is the warmest day we have had so far this year. It is the kind of day that calls you outside to sit and observe the growing things around you.

I answered the call and sat in the backyard in the sun and soaked in the warmth from the sun, the sounds of birds from every direction, the smells of the garden which were mostly alyssum and lavender, and the colors of the plants, trees, and sky. A hummingbird even buzzed very close to my head just because I imagine he was curious to get a closer look at me.

I have been trying to notice the early spring flowers in our yard and I made note of how others in my life have been noting the blossoms as well. We completed this tour of the garden as part of our Winter Series Challenge #10.

Two blooming tulips
Mr. A came inside yesterday to get me because he noticed that my tulips are blooming on the sunny side of the house. He didn’t know there were tulips planted there so he was surprised. My husband had picked up a inexpensive bag of bulbs from Home Depot and planted them here where we have some daffodils and jonquils already. What a burst of color!

Jonquils in the strawberry bed
Amanda commented on how sweet the jonquils smelled in the vase on the back of the kitchen sink. I love the way I forget where all my bulbs are hiding and it surprises me when they pop up and bloom in unexpected places. These are in the middle of Mr. A’s strawberry bed.

Sideview of Daffodils
Many people I talked to this weekend were talking about the show of daffodils everywhere this week. If you haven’t done a study of the daffodil using the Handbook of Nature Study, I highly recommend it. We completed our study in 2008 and you can read about it HERE.

Grape Hyacinths and dandelions
Mr. A was worried he would cut the grape hyacinths down when he mowed the lawn. Someone planted these bulbs a very long time ago and every year I enjoy them popping up in the front lawn. The purple of the hyacinths and the yellow of the dandelion makes a beautiful picture.

Bulbs in pots
These bulbs are living in containers on my back deck. Every year I enjoy their blooms and then plant annuals over the top once they die back. I think these are daffodils and tulips.

Day lily and the Rabbit
The bulbs here that have sprouted up are not spring blooming but they are day lilies that will bloom later in the summer. I love the way the green leaves are curling around the rabbit and you can see my primroses in the background.

Daylily and the roadrunner
This day lily has a wonderful shape as it grows and I love the way the light was illuminating the edges. You can see my road runner yard art that my husband made me a few years ago in the background. He was inspired by a road runner we saw on a trip.

Tulips still in the bud
One last spot with bulbs to share this time. This bed of tulips I planted two falls ago and it is a complete bed of shades of purple. I am anxiously awaiting its blooms. There is a petunia blooming in the foreground.

Planting spring bulbs is something that comes with a promise. You make the effort to plant and you receive a gift back in the spring with blooming flowers with colors to refresh you after a long winter’s nap. Our think our Creator knew we would need something to look forward to during those cold winter days.

I have to note that I saw California poppies and lupine blooming alongside the freeway today. it is my absolute favorite color combination at this time of year…orange, purple, and green. It is a feast for the eyes.

I look forward to reading everyone else’s entries with their early spring flowers.


4 thoughts on “Our Early Spring Flowers: Winter Series #10

  1. Aah, thanks for sharing your beautiful spring flowers. The first tulip I’ve seen! I do think heirloom bulbs, like your grape hyacinths, are such a treasure. What a gorgeous day you had!

  2. Nothing blooming here yet. The snow has only just melted this last week. But we are enjoying the tree clippings which have shown forth their tiny leaves. And our seedlings are popping through the soil in our light huts… which is a great joy to my little farmers.

  3. Your bulbs are so beautiful! I need to get some more spring bulbs in the ground this fall, if I’m up to it after a baby! Maybe I can get someone to come help me.

    I just wanted to drop by and say what an inspiration you are to me, even though we’re not doing your challenges yet, and say thank you. Monkey’s too small for a nature notebook yet, so I’m waiting, but I sure love coming and seeing what you are up to!

  4. Lovely pictures, thank you! We’re out in the country and we’ve only planted some late irises at this point, so there isn’t much flowering yet around here. But the daffodils along the highway not too far from here are gorgeous! I wish there was a safe way to stop and take a closer look at them. High on the priority list this fall will be planting spring bulbs!!

    And I’m looking forward to your spring ourdoor hour plans. I’ve been reading your blog for awhile but haven’t managed to do much of anything. But now my eldest is old enough to do some notebooking and we’ve finished building our house and mostly settled in… so I finally bought the Handbook of Nature Study (it is coming tomorrow!) and we’re ready to go. Thanks for all your hard work, we’re looking forward to joining your explorations.

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