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Outdoor Hour Challenge-Bleeding Hearts Nature Study

Outdoor Hour Challenge

Bleeding Hearts Nature Study

“The flowers of the bleeding heart are beautiful jewel-like pendants arranged along the stem according to their age; the mature flower, ready to shed its petals, is near the main stem while the tiny unopened bud is hung at the very top, where new buds are constantly being formed during a long season of bloom.”

Handbook of Nature Study

Anna Botsford Comstock placed the bleeding heart in the garden flowers section of the Handbook of Nature Study. But many of us live in areas where we can also find bleeding hearts as a blooming native (wildflower) plant. The Pacific bleeding heart is found in your field guide under the name Dicentra Formosa.

Hint: It can be found both as a garden plant and as a native plant in many areas.

Outdoor Hour Challenge Bleeding Hearts 2021

View the original challenge here: Bleeding Hearts Nature Study

Bleeding hearts notebook page 1bleeding hearts notebook page 2

If you have access to the Winter Nature Study Continues ebook, there are two notebook pages to choose from for your nature journal.

Outdoor Hour Challenge Winter Nature Study Continues ebook


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