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Sunflower Garden – July Newsletter Grid Study

Sunflower Garden
Our Sunflower Garden July 17, 2011

Sunflowers are the theme of our garden this year….as anticipated. We planted our seeds on May 10th and they started blooming on July 16th. That is a long time to wait but so worth the time and effort! Now with the July Newsletter focus on sunflowers using the Nature Study Grid and notebooking page, we are slowing down to do some careful observations. This is also made easy by the fact that we are participating in the Great Sunflower Project and counting bees.

Here are the first of our blooms.

Sunflower with Pollen
Sunflower with lots of pollen!

This is actually not one of the seeds that we planted but it popped up under the birdfeeder. They are a perfect complement to our little backyard feeder garden.

Royal Flush Sunflower

From Renee’s Garden Seeds – Royal Flush. I love the watercolor like colors in this bloom.

Chocolate Cherry Sunflower

Here is another one from Renee’s Garden – Chocolate Cherry. Amazing color in the garden!

Sunflower Unfolding

I think this is the third seed from Renee’s Garden – Van Gogh.

Sunflower with Little Spider

We found this spider crawling on a big sunflower last week…..he sure blends in.

Sunflowers Under the Birdfeeder

Here is another image from the volunteer sunflowers around the birdfeeder. If you look carefully, you can see that these are actually two different kinds of sunflowers.

Coneflowers with a Bee
Another bee favorite in our yard is the coneflower. They are rather tall this year and always full of buzzing bees. Coneflowers are on the list of bee attractive plants that you can use as part of the Great Sunflower Project this summer.

Bee Balm with a Bee

How about that bee? He is in our bee balm and loving it. I decided this is a plant that I need to add to more of my flower garden next year.

Sunflower Nature Study Grid

We have been busy learning some new things and making lots of detailed observations using all of our sunflowers. How about your family? Have you done your July Newsletter sunflower study? I look forward to seeing your entries in the Outdoor Hour Challenge Blog Carnival.

Jami’s Tuesday Garden Party meme is open from Tuesday to Thursday so there is still time for you to jump in and participate!

4 thoughts on “Sunflower Garden – July Newsletter Grid Study

  1. Absolutely beautiful photos of sunflowers. Next year, I think I must find the room for a sunflower showcase garden! The birds have been enjoying the few we have so much that I think it would be wonderful to plant a bigger variety. — Kathy at

  2. These are gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing. I especially like the burgundy one. Just lovely!


  3. We did a variety of Sunflowers this year too. We love that the goldfinches come to snack on the seeds periodically. Our favorites are the chocolate cherry, which I did not know were named that until today thank you 🙂 We are definitely planting more next year. A big patch!!

  4. No sunflowers around here! 🙁 And strangely, we can’t see to grow any! But we do have some Bee Balm! I thought it was the coolest plant! It was only recently that I had a name for it! LOL

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