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Winter Tree Study: Tuliptree

Winter tree study-Tulip Tree

We completed our Winter Tree Study a few days ago before all the rains started. Last fall we chose our Tulip tree or Tulip Poplar to observe in every season for the next year. It is the tallest tree in our front yard. It lost quite a few branches during our December snowstorm so it has a little different shape than it did back in October.

tree silhouette
There are virtually no leaves left on the tree at this point.

seeds no leaves
The boys noted that there are still a million helicopter type seeds left on the tree.

seeds all over the ground
The ground under the tree is covered in seeds. The boys are going to sketch some of the seeds into their nature journals.

Mr. A wanted me to note that he had to spend the better part of an afternoon last week cleaning out the rain gutters and downspouts and the bulk of the mess was from this tree with its helicopter seeds. They are just thin enough to sift through the screens over the rain gutter.

seeds on tulip tree
Here is a small cluster of the seeds on the ground under the tree. We noted they look like wooden flowers.

looking at the moss on the trunk
The most interesting part of our winter tree study is the moss and lichen growing on the trunk. It is really noticeable now that the tree is bare. We took a few minutes to observe the moss. Words like soft, fluffy, bright green, and spongy were used to describe the moss. It is most definitely more prominent in the winter and far greener than the fall.

Here is a link to our Fall Tree Study so we can compare the two seasons. What a difference! Now we will wait until spring to make our official study of the changes in this great tree in our yard.

As a sidenote…
bulbs peeking out

Here is something that made me smile. Look at those bulbs peeking out of the ground already! I know that underneath the ground there are dozens and dozens of bulbs just waiting to pop out in flowers before long now.

Hope you get to your Winter Tree Study soon.

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4 thoughts on “Winter Tree Study: Tuliptree

  1. I have never seen a tulip tree flower before! I can’t wait to see your tree in the spring and summer. The fall pictures were beautiful. I love the look of the “wooden flowers.” Interesting how the seeds form. Did you ever find out why the leaves were formed differently? I thought that was interesting.

  2. Michelle,

    We have never found out why the leaves were different shapes but we are still keeping our eyes out for the answer.

    You should see this tree when it is in bloom! The bees are all over it and you can hear them humming up in the branches from down below. Amazing.

    Thanks for your comment and for sending in your entries for the OH Challenge Blog Carnival.


  3. I love moss and lichen on trees. I was pleasantly surprised to find during our botany studies a couple of years ago that the amount of lichen on our trees indicates we have a good air quality. We were just out today feeling moss that’s covering an area of yard near our pond. 🙂

  4. I have never heard of a tulip tree either. I’m very jealous of you and your buds sneaking up from the ground. We have a long way to go before we see that here in Michigan.

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