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2011 Winter Series Outdoor Hour Challenge #6 Salt Study and Winter Wednesday #6 Winter Weeds

Winter Weeds and Snow
Winter Weeds- Look for seeds, pods, or dried flowers.

This week’s combination of challenges will give you two very different subjects to consider.

Winter Series #6 Salt Study
Winter Wednesday #6 Winter Weeds

***The salt experiments are a fun way to learn about an everyday subject that all of us have in our homes. Salt crystalsYou might find the pages in the Handbook of Nature Study an interesting read as part of this challenge.

***Winter weeds are one of my favorite winter nature study subjects. If you would like to participate, here are a few suggestions from the challenge
1. Collect a variety of seeds from weeds in your local area and sketch them in your nature journal.
2. Gather a few varieties of weeds and display them in a vase.
3. Pick a weed you know you have and print out a coloring page for your nature journal.

My daughter has graciously made available her Salt Study Lapbook pdf to go along with this challenge. Please click over to her blog at Hearts and Trees to read more about it!

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7 thoughts on “2011 Winter Series Outdoor Hour Challenge #6 Salt Study and Winter Wednesday #6 Winter Weeds

  1. My favorite part about this study was that my oldest DD said it was cool. It is taking her a while to warm up to the science part of nature.

  2. Hi Barb-
    I hope it was OK to post this here. It is more about animal tracks than weeds.

  3. Our winter weeds have been showing up in little vases around the house, best to make “school” out of it!

  4. Barb – we did our weed study. Can’t say that I know what they were but we sure had fun. Well off to do our insect study – it’s 50 here today. YEAAAAA

  5. While we’ve always adored the summer althea blossoms, we were pleasantly surprised by its winter seeds. Beautiful!

  6. We did the salt study. Did quite a few experiments which were a lot of fun (and very educational). Looking forward to doing the next challenge!

  7. Hi Barb! We had some beautiful weather last week, so we were able to do some Winter Weds challenges 🙂

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