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Fall Insects and A Pear Tree Update

Bee on the Sunflower

Cooler weather means more time spent outside during the day….we went from really hot weather to cool weather in the span of a day or two. I am so pleased with these late blooming sunflowers and I am going to plant more of them next year. The insects have been visiting them every day and when I went out to snip a few flowers for the kitchen table, I saw this big guy!

Praying Mantis

This praying mantis decided to hang out on my stove one morning. It must have been pretty funny watching me try to scoop him up while he was hopping from side to side. I would try to scoop him up and he would hop just out of my reach. I would try again and he would hop too fast. Finally I got a bowl and set it over him and then slid a piece of paper under the bowl. Success! I transplanted him outside to my potted plants and he was happy to pose for a few minutes on the allysum.

Skipper on the Butterfly Bush

Our butterfly bushes are still blooming, in white, lavender, and deep purple. I see the hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies all buzzing in and around in the morning sunshine. Makes me happy to see such a busy community right in my flowerbeds. We have spotted a few monarchs lately…none captured with the camera yet. They are fast!

Pears on the Tree

We were out for a drive and took a back road only to find a pear orchard within about two miles of my house! It is tucked away off the beaten path and as we slowly drove down the lane I tried to snap a few images…..glorious fall pears to enjoy!

We are going out and about tomorrow so stay tuned for some more back roads loveliness.

4 thoughts on “Fall Insects and A Pear Tree Update

  1. Lovely pictures! I’ve been trying to capture “Madame Monarch” (as the girls and I say) on camera, and she keeps eluding me.

  2. Love your insects! And what a treat to find an orchard right around the corner. Wonderful photos.

  3. That Praying Mantis has a real human look at the camera. ‘Why do humans need such a thing to look at me?’, it seems to think.
    Great photo.

  4. When I first looked at these pictures it was on my Android. They were beautiful. Then I looked at them on the computer and I found the Praying Mantis! They were even more beautiful on the bigger screen! Thank you.

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