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First Day of Spring: Sierra Foothill Garden

First Day of Spring color flowers
After all the rain we received in the last five days, it was nice to have a dry day today. It would be stretching it to say it was warm and sunny but it was pretty close. We were able to all get outside this afternoon to enjoy a look around the garden. The boys were on their scooters, the Kona dog was rolling in the grass, and I had my camera and nature journal.

The first things we noticed were the colors.

After that we noticed the delicate scent of the alyssum flowers which are starting to fill in all under the rose bushes.

Next when we sat still in the chairs for a few minutes it was the bird song and the bees buzzing in the dandelions. A spider swung by on a web…not sure where he came from but he was swinging down and floating in the breeze. The border bugs were skittering across the river rocks in the sun.

First Day of Spring Leaves
The trees are coming alive too….maple keys, buds bursting. The garden is full of sprouting, unfurling, and greenness.

So much to be thankful for on this first day of Spring 2012.

Today’s bird list on this first day of spring:

  • House finches -singing sweetly in the plum tree.
  • Nuttall’s woodpecker in the suet feeder (looking out at one right now as I type this entry)
  • Mourning doves scratching around under the feeder.
  • House sparrows
  • White-crowned sparrows
  • Western scrub jays – back to their bullying role at the feeder
  • Oak titmouses
  • Dark eyed juncos (a dozen of them)
  • Spotted towhees
  • California towhees
  • Anna’s hummingbirds (flew right by my ear when we were sitting outside)
  • White-breasted nuthatch
  • American robins

So what did you see? How is spring shaping up in your part of the world?

It is not too late to print and complete the First Day of Spring printable from yesterday’s entry.

Jami’s Tuesday Garden Party meme is open from Tuesday to Thursday so there is still time for you to jump in and participate!

3 thoughts on “First Day of Spring: Sierra Foothill Garden

  1. What a lovely day you had out in nature–you were using all the senses to experience it all around you, so very well done!

    Athena at Minerva’s Garden

  2. Love this! Looks like we’re “just east” of you in the Northern NV Sierras! Nothing blooming here yet though.. soon!

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