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Late Summer Garden Harvest – 1000th Post!

Fruit 9 7 11 Grapes, Figs, and Pears
Garden Sampler – September 7, 2011

This is it….the 1000th post on this blog! Can you believe it???

I know that this blog has brought some great things into my life…people, experiences, and inspiration. I will just say thank you to all of my readers for all you have done to encourage our family since I started this blog in May 2009. I am so glad that I decided to start this blog and share our nature study adventures. The far-reaching affects of this decision are immeasurable.

Now for a garden update!

I was thinking that I have not done any garden updates for a very long time. My vegetable garden this year has been a huge disappointment and I know from talking to other gardeners in my local area that they have experienced the same thing in their home gardens. The daytime weather, the nighttime lower than average temperatures, and the long spring and extra rains made our gardens very confused. The tomatoes are all green still and the rest just never produced. The one thing we have had in abundance is green beans…those are plentiful.

Indian Corn and Colored Beans
Our Three Sisters Garden started off great but the pumpkins never really did anything but grow vines, the beans have been scrawny, and the corn has been okay. The colors are pretty anyway. I have pulled up the pumpkins and left the rest for a bit.

We have had some success in other areas. The grapes this year are abundant even if the grapes are sort of on the small side. Tasty and sweet….yummy and enough to share with family and friends.

Bowl of Figs
The figs are on a second crop! Too bad I am not a big fan of figs but I pick and share with those in my life that adore them. They say they are delicious.

Our pear tree has done well this year and I went ahead and harvested our crop today. I usually wait until it is too late and they get ripe on the tree and fall on the ground before I get one of the boys to climb the ladder to pick them. This year we have enough to share. We also have our own pears for the pear challenge in the new More Nature Study ebook series. 🙂

We had ONE plum on our tree…usually we are up to our ears in plums but we had snow on the blossoms and I guess that ruined the crop. There is always next year.

The walnuts are being eaten by the squirrels….what a mess under the tree! I may be able to harvest a few pounds of nuts for our pantry.

So there you have it…my 1000th post and a tour of my garden. See you in my 1001st post soon.

Jami’s Tuesday Garden Party meme is open from Tuesday to Thursday so there is still time for you to jump in and participate!

7 thoughts on “Late Summer Garden Harvest – 1000th Post!

  1. I used to make my Dad a fig cake cause he loved them. Your harvest looks yummy.

  2. Our garden did very well this year. Last year it was a flop and I was tempted to not have one this year. Glad we did. Our garden is still producing, despite my laziness. I have stopped watering since we were at the beach for a week with no forecasted rain I thought it would die. Nope! I still have okra (which I am extremely sick of) cherry tomatoes, banana, rainbow, and cayenne peppers. Thank goodness the squash stopped producing. My neighbors were very tired of eating it! I am so super jealous of your gorgeous fruit!! I want to grow grapes next year. Fruit trees don’t do too well here. And I love your blog and congratulations on getting to 1000!!

  3. My husband is the fruit grower…he would have a whole orchard if we had more room. He has loads of grapes planted on everything that stands still…fences, walls, and around the pool arbor. I have ended up being the harvester of fruit since he is so busy in the summer with work.

    I also get to eat the fruit. 🙂

    I would love to take some okra off your hands….

  4. Those grapes are amazing! I can’t wait to see a few on my vines – hopefully next year. Congrats on the 1000th post. You should share your harvest at Daphne’s Dandelions. There aren’t many fruit growers on there yet and this would be good inspiration. Down at the bottom is a place to share your link.

  5. My 10yo dreams of having an orchard some day. We have two columnar apples trees, but on .05 acres, there’s not a whole lot more we can do. We do have a small container garden on our back patio every year, but it did miserably this year – and we’re on the East Coast. Too much rain in the beginning, then too little, now too much again – and let’s not even talk about the temperatures – 115 degrees in NoVA! Who would have thought?! We got a couple of squash and zucchini, but that’s about it. Our tomato plants didn’t produce enough to share with the squirrels – or rather for the squirrels to share with us – so that was a huge disappointment! We’ll try again next year though – we always do… and one day we’ll own that farm we’d love to have! Congrats on your 1000th post!

  6. We have one pear, one apple, one plum, and the walnut tree. We usually get enough to satisfy us for the season and leave us dreaming of more next year. 🙂

  7. Congratulations!
    With such lovely garden fruit you will be able to make yummy food and beautiful still-lifes.
    A celebration of nature close at home.
    Cheers, Paula

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